HUGHES TOY and Miniature Australian Shepherds  toy australian shepherd (Toy aussie) (9-14") to small miniature australian shepherd (mini aussie)                            

  BLUE EYED -tris,  loving family temperments,  OREGON

one mini on a pillow

or 10 toys on the same pillow



HISTORY - the AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD was developed in the UNITED STATES from a LITTLE BLUE DOG, thought to be brought over by sheepherders from Australia. Hence the name Australian shepherd, but likely were a dog from the BASQUE region of France.  THE LITTLE BLUE DOG was bred to every breed of dog.  THE AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD, standard, mini or toy has only been around since the early 1930s, less than 100yrs. 

After having a Standard aussie and breeding the MINIATURE & TOY AUSSIE It is my opinion that the Variation in the STANDARD, MINI and TOY was developed due to the OTHER Breeds of  DOGS that different breeders used in their programs.  STANDARD AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD breeders BRED the LITTLE BLUE DOG to LARGE BREEDS,  COLLIES, Bernese/swiss mountain dogs, with the BIGGER IS BETTER attitude..  I think miniature breeders used medium sized breeds, border collies, shelties etc.. and TOY breeders used  toy breeds. 

Standard breeders can get a TOY once in awhile from a STANDARD TO STANDARD breeding, because of the genes of the LITTLE BLUE DOG..   I look at standard aussies and see the looks and traits of  COLLIE, Burnese Mt Dog, and  have seen an "aussie" that looked like a merle St Bernard.   I look at minis and see looks and traits of the border collie, shelties. even Corgi.  I do not knowingly use a dog from non-registered "mini/toy" aussies in my toy aussie program.......... but with the toys and though their offspring,  I admittedly see traits, looks - characteristics of the poodle, pomeranian, papilion, who knows what else..  If a dog looks or breeds to characteristics I don't like I don't keep breeding the dog.    IT IS HOW THE BREEDER selectively breeds the dogs they have based on the traits of the Breeding DOGS and their resulting Offspring, that determines how the line/breed develops.

  ALL BREEDS of dogs are originally a crossbreed of other breeds, then selectively bred for certain traits. or traits changed based on what the "breeders" or public wants.  The pomeranian was once a 40lb SLED dog, is now a 10" house dog??  and merle has suddenly "mutated" into many breeds..

THE MINI AUSSIE/ TOy aussie have not been around very long in the scheme of things.. ANd the original registry was an "open" registry, meaning that if it looked enough like an "aussie" then it could be hardshipped registered and used for breeding  with no knowledge of its parentage.   I have not hardshipped registered a dog for breeding just  because it "looked" like an aussie..  but some pedigrees have been lost for various reasons.  Some people will purchase a dog as a pet price without papers and then hardshipp it and breed it anyway.

     Many registries started as "open"  with restrictions for registration coming about LATER and the books being "closed" unless there  XX generations of verifiable pedigree.  

 EACH size group also incorporated the traits and genes, good and bad, from these other breeds utilized.  Most of the health problems ASSOCIATED with  Aussies are from these other breeds.. MOST of the EYE problems are COLLIE ABNORMALITIES!.  THE TOY is the less herding of the three sizes BECAUSE of the other breeds used.  And so far, has much FEWER health problems than the other sizes because of the breeds used, and selection.   THE original DOG from "australia" was a LITTLE BLUE DOG.. LITTLE being the size word.  But the Standard Australian Shepherd group made it to AKC first and so only their breed/dog should exist, in their opinion.

and/or larger breeds.  I DO NOT BREED STANDARD AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS, I Breed TOYS - the DNA test does not apply.



quick overview - our breeding program

People asked to see a comparison with something they could identify for sizes.. dave is 6.2

 dave with 15" aussie-        25-30lb  dave with 12" aussie -15lb  dave with 10" aussie 8lb the three..


sky (14" smmini)  next to full size Aussie                   standard aussies 18+inch a shoulder, 50+lb

Minis  14-17in  20-40lb            


Sky (sm mini) 14" Bandit toy 10"
bandit fits in Skys food bowl

 TOYs 13" under-  to 20lbs

super toy - we are getting even smaller, 10" under, 8lbs

this is lil guy & pumpkin (2yrs-&1yr) in hubbys arms - they like the crossed arms- closer to the face for kisses.

super toys 10" less under 10lbs

 IF you want a SMALL HOUSE sized dog with brains, smarts, loyalty, & HEALTH - with "limited" or no herding instinct our Toy aussie is what you are looking for. we try to selective breed OUT herding & aggressiveness for "family pets" so do not follow breed standard..

BREED HISTORY  - standard australian sheperd


"While there are many theories as to the origin of the Australian Shepherd, the breed as we know it today developed exclusively in the United States. The Australian Shepherd was given its name because of their association with the Basque sheepherders who came to the United States from Australia in the 1800's. The Aussie rose rapidly in popularity with the boom of western riding after World War II, becoming known to the general public via rodeos, horse shows, movies and television. Their inherent versatility and trainability made them useful on American farms and ranches. The American stockmen continued the development of the breed, maintaining the versatility, keen intelligence, strong herding instinct and eye-catching appearance. "

" A Small Australian Shepherd
During the 1960ís, a Californian Australian Shepherd enthusiast acquired several small working Aussies from the rodeo circuit. Intrigued by their compact size, she worked with a veterinarian to develop a breeding program in order to preserve the trait, which quickly resulted in litters producing both dogs only 13 to 14 inches tall as well as larger Australian Shepherds. The smaller dogs eventually became known as "miniature" Australian Shepherds.

The mini Aussie soon attracted the attention of experienced Australian Shepherd breeders and eager newcomers. Lines were researched and educated breeding to full-size Aussies was and is strongly encouraged to diversify the gene pool and improve conformation and type of the mini Aussies. Herding instinct, intelligence and drive were preserved and many mini Aussies continue to work a variety of livestock today. "


The TOY AUSSIE -Our program


 This is SKy - 14" mini male and his great granddaughter -

 Miss Gnat-a-lee (8")  photo at 6mths -almost full grown

 Breeding selectively -

 Sky 14" x HOlly 13"  = Tootsie 12"

 Tootsie 12"  x  Peppi 12" = Miss Bee Bee 10"

 Miss Bee bee 10" x  Sir Prize 10" (bandit x Princess) = Gnat-a-lee 8"..

finally have a male MiteYmouse that we MAY be able to safely breed to  Gnat-a-lee  - will the next generation be smaller???

Standard aussie 17" and over

Lady hawk "STANDARD" 20", with skyhawk 14" next


Mini Aussie   14"-17"

 Skyhawk 14" with bandit 10"



 Toy Aussie  13" & under

 Pretty Girl 12" - Sunny x BOnnie blue



"Micro?  Aussie  9" & under

   Lil guy (bandit x holly) 9", 7lbs

 (bucket behind lil guy is 9" tall)



Sky 14" & grtgrdtr Gnatalee 8"



How we came to breed "TOY AUSSIES".. My husband fell in love with a dog that a customer would bring in to his work occasionally. The dog was about 14", 15lb, a good sized family pet.. when asked what it was the customer said "australian shepherd".. so when we had a place we purchased an "australian shepherd" puppy, only to have our puppy mature 20" and 65lb - Ladyhawk.  The next time the customer came in my husband asked why our australian shepherd was sooooooo much bigger.. and the customer said ' Oh this is a MINI australian shepherd"..

After being on waiting lists for 2 years we obtained our first dogs..   HOlly a 13" female, and skyhawk a 14" male.. they were wonderful outside/limited indoor pets..  We had  a couple of litters.. WE sold a male puppy to a person I worked with . who after a couple months, said the dog we sold her hadn't grown much.. to find out we were getting "toys" from Sky x Holly..  The next one we kept, "TOOTSIE" matured 12",  and became our spoiled house/bed dog.. 

This is when we discovered/ fell in love with the TOY AUSSIE.. We had seen one when we purchased/picked up skyhawk, but the breeder said they were few and difficult to obtain.. The toy Aussie is  A small "house sized" dog that you can pick up with one hand, have one (or several) sit on your lap and not be "dog" overwhelmed.  I had always thought I was a "cat" person as the large dogs were 'OK"  outside companions/guards.. , but were overwhelming/dirty smelly in the house, and small dogs (chihuahua, shit zus, etc) were too hyper "fru fru", needed too much maintenance (more hair care than I get) were YIPPY, PIDDLY, scared or aggressive, with too many health issues - ..  with "tootsie" I found out I was a dog person, just a small "SMART" healthy type"  dog person. AND AS A LOT OF FOLKS SAY with the TOY AUSSIES, they are ADDICTIVE.. 3-4 toys equal size & mess of 1 mini..

WE DO NOT CROSS BREED, and have purchased all breeding stock from KNOWN breeders with National lines, .. BUT WE KNOW THAT ALL AUSSIES - Even the standards were CROSSBRED with the LITTLE BLUE DOG and something else at some point.   WE are  selectively breeding for Toys from our mini s, by selectively purchasing "toys" from various breeders and culling (petting)  out those that did not remain under 13" mature or produce toys when bred.  or do not meet our other standards regarding family disposition and good health., -  We have gone from 14" to 8" (see photo of Sky and his great-granddaughter Gnat-a-lee) in 4 generations.. each generation Vet checked for health.

We also found that some aussie traits are not suitable in this small a dog.. THE  "HERDING instinct" is not Recommended in the TOY in our opinion - My 17H warmblood horses don't acknowledge the TOYS, and pet buyers don't want the dog herding their cats & children. So we selectively TRY TO breed OUT/REDUCE the herding and any overly protective instincts from our breeding group. - they do work hard to keep our yard Crow free.. and haven't seen a rabbit in years..  Since HOLLY was a very docile, loving dog that would rather sit at your feet than run wildly this became our foundation line.. we have her daughter- tootsie, and son :lil guy to continue her line.

 IF you want a SMALL HOUSE sized dog with brains, smarts, loyalty, & HEALTH - with "limited" herding instinct our Toy aussie is what you are looking for.

IF YOU want a MINI aussie we do get throw backs to 14-15" dogs -  but they are still FAMILY PETS, we try to breed for  limited herding drive.


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