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Good afternoon Minda,

I just wanted to let you know that Lola was spayed on Nov 22, 2017.  She is for the most part all healed up and she is doing really great!  She weighed in at 14lbs when she went to the vet...she is officially one inch taller than our King Charles and almost weighs as much as she does.  They are the best of pals! 

Also, I want to say thank you so much!  She is such an incredible little dog and we just love ​her so much!  She is super smart, lovable, and just has so much personality!  She has been such a great addition to our family :)

Merry Christmas! 
R/Tish Freeland



always doing some expert camouflage:

Karen Walker 




(was purchased as a service dog for PTSD)  sweetness x lil squirt


It has been awhile since I have written, so I wanted to provide you with an update on Roxy. 

First, you should know that Roxy has turned Peter's life around, the two are inseparable. Peter is smiling and laughing again as well as getting out of the house and socializing, his physical therapist has even noticed that he is walking better.

Roxy is bundle of love, she plays fetch, likes to run in the backyard and play hide 'n seek with Parx (my little dog).  Roxy's best friend (besides Peter) is Tucker (the dog next door) they have daily play dates and their favorite game is playing tag through the sprinklers.

We got Roxy spayed in June, everything went well and she was back to her playful self in two days. She weighs 19.5 Lbs and is in perfect health.  Do you need any documentation of spayed, since we bought Roxy as a pet? 

I have attached some pictures, hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Roxy is a true gift from God and has changed Peter's life.

With Much Thanks,

Cathy Gerlett
Blue is such a great dog! He is perfect in every way.  We can not believe how smart this little guy is. At 14 weeks Blue is house trained, fetches small tennis balls, knows his name and will sit on command. Thank you very much for our new furry family member.  



Good morning Minda,

We took Lola to the vet last Friday and Dr. Watson said she is absolutely perfect!  \

Lola is doing really great and settling in very well!  She is such a joy and has so much personality for such a little puppy!  She loves all her new sisters and has even taken a liking to the cat :)  We are so happy to have her as part of our family!

Thanks so much!




Just wanted to send you a photo of our GORGEOUS LexiJ She loves riding the golfcart with usJ

She has grown up so sweet and friendly! Glad to have her as part of our family.

Just thought you would want to see herJ

Thank you so much!


Darlene C. Cox



Dear Minda,

  The lovely puppies we received from you are doing great!  Today they played in a pool I put in the back yard for them.  They were so happy playing and running, and chasing each other!  We are so lucky to have them!

Sincerely,Jennifer Jensen


Big day for the little guy. We got him home safe and sound. I just wanted to say thank you. He is already a little love.
Take care,
Hi Minda

Our little Zoey is doing very well. She is the best, great personality.  I made a  appointment with the vet. So far they sound cool with everything
I requested. 


Attached is a copy of the invoice for her spay surgery and a recent picture.  She is doing great, getting really lanky and she loves to run in the field chasing birds and the other dogs.  She is such a wonderful little girl, bright and confident.  Thank you so much.



Gemma is 11lbs as of today. She is very smart, energetic, and has a pretty balanced personality. Very sweet and social.

I just wanted to send you a 6-month picture of the female toy Aussie, Cali,  that we adopted, she was born May 7th. She is very healthy and has had all of her shots. She weighs 18.8 pounds now! Kind of hoping she doesn't grow anymore. And she was spayed on Friday May 5th. You would not have even known she had a surgery because it didn't seem to bother her at all. She is very bonded with us and very happy and active. My daughter-in-law who has a collie and a couple labs and 4 kids, takes her for the day sometimes to the ranch where they have horses and sheep and goats. She loves to follow the collie around. And she obeys so well, still working on the come command when she's outside playing,  but she does pretty good! Just wanted you to be at peace with the decision to let us a doctor because we are all very happy family! She even went on a 10-day trip in our truck and travel trailer to Arizona! 
  Hi Minda,

Just wanted to let u know that we are home safe and sound, with the most perfect little dog imaginable. "Cookie" was absolutely amazing all day, quiet and calm, and a ball of happiness the minute we walked in the door. Did u teach her to fetch? She seems to know how. Anyway we will give u more updates as she grows but for now a huge thank you for our beautiful puppy :)

Take care,
Kristi (and Dave)
This little pup "BLUE" is perfect.  We are so happy. He is very playful and has the cutest bark ever. We are in love! Thank you again,  this dog is really special to my family and will receive the greatest care an Aussie can get. 

  Robert A Oliver 


Hey there, they are doing great!

they've run around our back yard.  I put them in a large dog bed, they just got done eatting.  the lil guy ate less but still did great considering they just got here!

we couldnt be happier, they are beautiful dogs.  you've done a great job.

thank you,


Hi Minda! Wanted to send you some pics of our Luna :)
She is so photogenic.
She has brought so much joy to our family, we love her!


Diane D Walqu
Little jake is growing up to be an easy going wonderful pup. Thank you



> Hi Minda,
> As Lottie's 7th birthday approaches, I realized its been too long since I've written to let you know how our little girl is. We couldn't love her any more! she is the sweetest! We take her to the shore on weekends where we have a yard, and during the week in Philly she loves her walks or runs at the park. I'll send you some photos.

sally rtf

jan 24 2017

Mckenzi P

We are still doing great. I took her to the vet today and she said Callie looks great. She is growing so much, weighing 11.6 pounds. I love her so much and everyone just adores her.

Little dog - sally btf

Jan 2017
Carla F
Hi Minda,

I'm in love with my dog, River. She is 6 lbs, the vet said she would be about 12 full grown. She is an absolute love and is awesome great walker) . I attached a couple pictures of her with her buddy, Jake, a border collie. 

Thank you for the awesome dog!!!
We just wanted to tell you how much we have loved our Minnie Aussie that we bought from you two years ago. Here is a painting of our little guy we got from you who was from Sassy

Sherry W


Hi Minda,
Just wanted to give you a quick update. The vet said he's "perfect" and very healthy. She also complimented you, as I told her you had already addressed everything she did. He's still kind of a naughty goofball, but he cracks us up. He has these moments when he just out of the blue starts tearing around the house like he's totally psycho...he usually ends up spinning out on the wood floor and slamming against the wall 😬 We're super pleased with him.




  Hi Minda,

I just want to tell you that we couldn't be more happy or more proud of our precious little Zoey.  She gets major attention everywhere we go.  Her temperament is awesome, I've been sick in bed this week and she will just come and cuddle with me even though she would rather play with our other dog.  She got spayed today and will be coming home tomorrow so I was wondering about getting her registration, what that would entail.  Funny thing , my friend who got the first mini I ever saw, 15 years ago thinks she got her from you!  She lived in Eagle Point but bought her in Sandy. Small world.  I showed her Zoey and she was in love again.  Thanks for what you do
Hi Minda, 
I bought a puppy from you back in February, and I can't thank you enough for the amazing friend/companion you have given me. Pippin will be 11 months the 22nd of this month, and my oh my how the time has flown since I got him. He is a big boy, still loves to cuddle, and he is the most talkative dog I have ever had. He hops and bounds around like a deer, which is something I've never seen any of my parents dogs do and it's adorable. 
I've attached a few picture of him so you can see his progress.
Thank you again for the wonderful little big pup. He is loved by anyone and everyone who meets him. :)

Sincerely, Kristie P


Hi Minda!

About a year ago, I purchased a puppy from you named "Dude." Since
today is his birthday (unless I'm a day off!) I thought I would send
you an update!

Samson is doing very well! He's just above knee-height and weighs
35lbs.  both eyes have blue AND brown. Beautiful! His coat stayed short,

2-3" and 4" in someareas.

He's currently in training for psychiatric service, and we couldn't be
happier with the addition to our family. Thanks for making all this
possible! Sammy sends his love!

Hi Minda...

First of all I want to tell you how very much in love we are with our mini Aussie.  She was born to Daisy2 And Graceson on November 22.  We named her Gracie.

We do have a couple of questions regarding some research we've learned about the potential for serious, and sometimes fatal reactions to flea, tick and heart worm medications to Aussies.  My understanding is Aussies who have the mdr1 gene are the ones who are affected.  We have not had her tested for this gene.  Do you recommend that we do so?  Or...  which of these medications would you recommend?

She was spayed at 6 months, at which time she had her first rabies vaccination.  She had an allergic reaction to the vaccine...  which made us even more leery about dosing her for the flea, tick and heart worm.   At this point we are so fearful of what could happen that we haven't started her on any of them.  We are leaving this Friday for a trip to California, (where heart worm could be a problem), then we plan to go to Arizona in January (again, heart worm concerns).  We really like our vet, and trust them, but we just don't feel they are completely aware of all issues for all breeds.  So I am going to the only expert I know. 😊

Thank you Minda...  I hope you can help us figure this out.

Mark and Debbi 
> Hi Minda,
> As Lottie's 7th birthday approaches, I realized its been too long since I've written to let you know how our little girl is. We couldn't love her any more! she is the sweetest! We take her to the shore on weekends where we have a yard, and during the week in Philly she loves her walks or runs at the park. I'll send you some photos.
    I was just going through all my old emails and wanted to tell you how much we love our Porter. Thank you so much for him!
   Have a great rest of your week!
We are so in love
Beyond GRATEFUL ❤️

We were lucky in finding a wonderful Toy Aussie from toyminiaussies.. Minda makes the entire process almost painless. In our case, it was 10 days from the moment we saw Pre, our pup, till he arrived by plane from Oregon to Anchorage, AK. He is beautiful, lively and healthy. After the initial, “I don’t know you, dude phase”, Pre adjusted with no difficulty. 


Pre had his “getting to know you“ puppy check with his new vet earlier this week. He is healthy and adjusting well and will be back for his next shots around April 25. 


I found Minda to be conscientious about her beloved Aussies and their pups. Her care for them and their health is absolute. She was ever so patient in explaining the process to puppy ownership and for that I am grateful. I told Minda I would bang the drum for her here in Anchorage, AK, because I know people were going to notice Pre and ask where we found him. I do. 


J Beatty
Anchorage, AK

Minda, Pre is doing fantastic! Thank you again.


Here are your two boys.  They do not usually  stop moving in the same place so this is a rare moment.   We named them Panda and Scout.  They are still learning the potty training but we have to leave them for about six hours on school days so it is a little  confusing for them.

Panda is an inch or so shorter and 1-2 pounds lighter than Scout.  Panda is more feisty when they play.

They seem to be doing fine.  We love them!



Jackson with Sophie. He is eight and a half pounds and 11 inches at the shoulder - doing very wel

Hi Minda, I just wanted to let you know that Jackson had his surgery last week and everything went smoothly. I really hated to do it as he is such a beautiful, intelligent pup, it is a shame that he didn't produce more puppies with the same temperament. We absolutely love him to death (not literally) and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who asks. Thank you so much for our beautiful boy!





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