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HUGHES TOY and Miniature Australian Shepherds  toy australian shepherd (Toy aussie) (9-14") to small miniature australian shepherd (mini aussie)                       

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working on getting photos inserted, but wanted to update the feedback.
Karen Cambell -  I'd like to share my story with you: myself and family take care of medically acute brain injured people. We have three of Minda's dogs in one home, and three of Minda's dogs in the other which equals out to six. When one thinks of a service dog they think of a guard dog for the blind or a hearing dog. These are the most typical types of service dogs we most often see, and I want to share my story with you because we have an older Australian Shepherd that noticed something was wrong so he started telling us. Not being as smart as dogs, we finally figured out he was sensing seizure activity amongst our residence 15 to 20 minutes before the actual seizure. This is very helpful because then we can asure that the resident is in a safe place and lying down to prevent unnecessary falls or injury. The dog became so precise on his predictions that we notified the resident's doctor in hopes that we could interrupt a possible seizure with prescribed medicines by their physician. It has proven to work amazingly well, and we now have 10 dogs spread throughout the two homes so we can give the dogs time off, which is very necessary for their happiness. I was given two pups from Minda by my son Ryan and his wife for Christmas four years ago. Now I can run low with blood sugar and my dog will take his nose and bump my cheek until he wakes me up or gets my attention. I realize these dogs are performing a service to a person with different types of disabilities. So I contacted Minda and I asked her about her bloodline and which dogs were the most sensitive to their surroundings with a calm personality? She got to work and gave us six dogs to place in the community with different types of clients to see what the outcome would be. It was amazing! I was the first to see a young man with anxiety receive a dog, and before he even started to have an anxiety attack the dog was in that young man's lap and settling him. He has not had a full on anxiety attack since, and the family reports say there's a great improvement in his quality-of-life. We place dogs with terminally ill people to help them with multiple types of neurological diseases. These dogs perform way beyond what we had ever expected, so we put plans in action and started working to get as many dogs needed to work with people with disabilities. Again, they perform a service for people in need that's incredibly different than the typical service dog. There versatility is immense and I wish to thank Minda And Hughes Aussies for her willingness to go down this path with me and share in the pleasure of being able to place dogs with needy families.

Wanted to let you know Heidi did well at the show last weekend.

First in confirmation, level 1 rally title,  starting to learn agility and did great on hearing instinct. She's a sweetheart


Hi Minda,


I thought I would give you a follow up and let you know how this little guy (BelleBelles BMM2) is doing.  We named him D.B. Cooper (D.B. is for double blue eyes).  He did great on the hour drive home; no car sickness and no potty in his carrier.  He played outside our home while we painted our house and doted on him.  By 8PM he was one tired little pup.  He ate dinner, went potty outside then came in and cuddled up on a nice warm blanket on the floor.  He went to bed around 10 PM and did not whimper or cry at all during the night and again, no potty until he went out this morning.  We love him, he seems to love us; he took to my husband immediately when I let him out of the car.  Today he is at my daughters house playing with her cats (indoor only and very well taken care of).


Overall, we are absolutely in love with him.  J


Thank you!



  Tulsa went today for her 13 wk shot. rabies and chip she was not a happy puppy. She weighed 5.5  vet didnt know if that was exact.Because they didnt use the digital scales.?????                       . She got sick on he way there so still working on that. giving her the dramamine at least 1/2hr before we left.we'll get better.I put her in her puppy carseat in the front seat of the car but didnt seem to help. people went silly over her. wanted to know what kind of dog she was.and they have never seen such a beautiful dog. most have never heard of a toy or mini Aussie.. I was almost over whelmed .I know she beautiful but she my baby so I would LOL of cause.She is more settled now so we are stepping up on learning our maners and training. She is so sweet ,funny and and such a joy. If she does something she thinks she shouldnt she runs to me barking. Now tell me that not hard to handle the correct way. At the vets today they gave me advantage for  fleas ticks and said it also works for worms and heart worms? I did'nt know that it was for all I thought it was for fleas and ticks only. Want is your input on this ? I know you gave pnnacur which I know is not for heart worms. Thanks

Vicki an Tulsa
We received Copper in October 2014 from you.  I wanted to tell you what a fantastic boy he is.  He is so smart and has lots of personality. We will continue to buy from you in the future


Just thought you might like to see how major is doing today.  He's grown up to  be an amazing dog. Very affectionate, loyal, protective and obedient.  All the characteristics you would expect an aussie  to have.

He's turned into quite the Frisbee dog and follows my son any where he goes.




She makes me laugh every day.  She loves to cuddle and run through the house and she’s such a klutz one can keep entertained every single minute of the day.  She currently weights 5 lbs.  Right this moment she is chasing a toilet paper roll down the hall and growling at it.  Way too funny!

She is loved by many!

Here she is now:


  Hi Minda, just a note to let you know that Jackson is doing well - growing like a weed! He had the last of his shots yesterday and will see the vet again in feb or March to be neutered (depending on the weather).
We love him to pieces and he plays endlessly with his sister Sophie.
Thank you for a wonderful little puppy, Gay leachman-Knight

Hi Minda, I just wanted to let you know that Jackson had his surgery last week and everything went smoothly. I really hated to do it as he is such a beautiful, intelligent pup, it is a shame that he didn't produce more puppies with the same temperament. We absolutely love him to death (not literally) and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who asks. Thank you so much for our beautiful boy!

I just thought you might like to see how beautiful our girl has grown to be. She is still a bit feisty, but so gentle and loving. She is very friendly to everyone. She is extremely fast and agile and loves to play ball and she has had no health problems. Thank you so much for this wonderful dog.




Hi Minda,


I just want to THANK YOU for breeding the best puppies. We got Joey “JouJou” from you in 2003 and he was the love of our life. My first born child you might say J He passed away in November and our lives have not been the same. We find ourselves on your page daily, looking at his relative puppies as they remind us of our little man. Very soon we will be ready for a new Blue Merle, maybe two this time around. Will let you know when it’s time. But again, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!


I enclosed a photo Joey the old man J He grew up to be SO very handsome and had the best wiggle butt ever! We are forever grateful.  



  Hi Minda. I just thought I would send you a short message about the puppy we got from you. We named her Kenzii and she is doing just great. We really love her. I am attaching a couple of pictures. Hopefully they will work. When we first brought her home our kitten hid upstairs for 4 days. She would not come down to eat or drink so my daughter had to take her food upstairs. She's 7 months and a little spoiled.  After the 4th day she ventured downstairs and sat on top of the tread mill for several hours. She finally came down and as you can see by the pictures they are now best friends. Kenzii is eating well and has been checked by our Vet. She's very healthy and super smart. Thank you so much....... Sherry & Lexi


I just wanted to give you an update on Oreo :) I bought him a little over a year ago and he is doing amazing. He loves going out on walks and enjoys meeting new people. I have considered getting him trained to be able to go to hospitals or retirement homes to visit and cheer people up. Because he is so friendly and living. All my friends absolutely love him and I have passed on your information to several people who have made inquiries on where I got him. 
One person who has met him is actually surprised on how well mannered he is for being just over 1 years old. The same friend is considering actually buying one of your puppies right now. Oh Oreo also absolutely loved the snow we had recently as well.

Here are some recent pictures of him and a picture of him that you took when e was still little.



Hi Minda…

  We are doing great in Nevada.  Thought I would send you a recent pic of Tid Bit and the gang.  She is such a good little dog.  I think she must be 10lbs now at 7months old.  They are all doing good.  Devo is huge.  He is a mini at best.  No toy… lol  he is the youngest and probably 30lbs already.  Willow is right in the middle, with everything.  Her size and she is like the middle sister lol.  Devos colors really came in, very handsome boy.  Willows eye changed color, she now has one blue and one greenish brown.  Tid Bit is my perfect little furry “Chihuahua”, such pretty fur and perfect little ears.    All great dogs.  Hope all is well with you.


Jenn N



Hi Minda. 
Just thought I would send you a quick email to let you know that Tucker has been such an amazing addition to myself and my family. At 4 months old he is completely house trained and crate trained and knows lots of tricks. He is so well behaved and loveable and he definitely lived up to my high expectations. Thank you so much for providing me with my incredible little man. 

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