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 2014-2013 References & notes from buyers

Hi Minda,


I just want to THANK YOU for breeding the best puppies. We got Joey “JouJou” from you in 2003 and he was the love of our life. My first born child you might say J He passed away in November and our lives have not been the same. We find ourselves on your page daily, looking at his relative puppies as they remind us of our little man. Very soon we will be ready for a new Blue Merle, maybe two this time around. Will let you know when it’s time. But again, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!


I enclosed a photo Joey the old man J He grew up to be SO very handsome and had the best wiggle butt ever! We are forever grateful.  


Laura Richee


  Hi Minda. I just thought I would send you a short message about the puppy we got from you. We named her Kenzii and she is doing just great. We really love her. I am attaching a couple of pictures. Hopefully they will work. When we first brought her home our kitten hid upstairs for 4 days. She would not come down to eat or drink so my daughter had to take her food upstairs. She's 7 months and a little spoiled.  After the 4th day she ventured downstairs and sat on top of the tread mill for several hours. She finally came down and as you can see by the pictures they are now best friends. Kenzii is eating well and has been checked by our Vet. She's very healthy and super smart. Thank you so much....... Sherry & Lexi



I just wanted to give you an update on Oreo :) I bought him a little over a year ago and he is doing amazing. He loves going out on walks and enjoys meeting new people. I have considered getting him trained to be able to go to hospitals or retirement homes to visit and cheer people up. Because he is so friendly and living. All my friends absolutely love him and I have passed on your information to several people who have made inquiries on where I got him. 
One person who has met him is actually surprised on how well mannered he is for being just over 1 years old. The same friend is considering actually buying one of your puppies right now. Oh Oreo also absolutely loved the snow we had recently as we




Hello Minda,

I never got a chance to thank you or follow up after receiving our puppy, now named Finn. I wanted to take this opportunity to attach a few photos and let you know how wonderful he has turned out!

So far he is adjusting well to life at the beach. Our other two dogs refuse to go near the ocean but he is starting to wade in on his own and chase birds at every chance. His two favorite foods are ice cubes and licking empty containers of Greek yogurt. He has bonded pretty well with our other two aging dogs, although Finn is always down to play whereas the others are not.

Thanks for providing us with such an incredibly smart, attentive, fast, and perfect new family member!

Attached are some of my favorite pictures of his puppyhood. Enjoy!




  Lizzie made it home safe and sound.  She is such a beautiful puppy.  Lizzie is so good natured and fun.  She has a new stuffed elephant that squeeks  in it's  tummy and crinkles in it's ears.  Lizzie just loves it.   She is sleeping now, but had a roaring morning where she tried to jump up on the couch.  Luckily she is to short to do that just yet.   Thanks so much for the beautiful dog.  I know we will cherish  her for a long time to come.
Hi Minda. 
Just thought I would send you a quick email to let you know that Tucker has been such an amazing addition to myself and my family. At 4 months old he is completely house trained and crate trained and knows lots of tricks. He is so well behaved and loveable and he definitely lived up to my high expectations. Thank you so much for providing me with my incredible little man. 


Home safe and sound...she ate quite a bit...drank lots of water...did a poo in her indoor litter box...and is enjoying a nap currently...

What a sweet girl...cannot thank you enough for your expertise, promptness and professionalism...we are so pleased to have her here...and she seems happy too!

Her grown up brother is doing ok with her so far, but it's gonna take a bit of time for him to adjust...she doesn't seem to mind him at all however...

Many many thanks again...and I'm sure we'll send way too many pics your way as she grows up!

And...we've decided she's called Lady Wagner...Wags for short (as she has no tail...seems pretty cute)

Thanks one more time!

Not that I had any doubt...but our vet says the puppy is in perfect health...actually, and further, she said this is the best taken care of puppy she has ever examined...so kudos to you, and again, many thanks!

  Hi.  We purchased our Meg from you. She is 4 years old now and the love of our lives. She captures the hearts of everyone she meets. She has quite a fan base in Beaverton. If we go anywhere, especially the pet store, without her many people ask where she is and are disappointed. She is an absolute sweetheart. Thank you again for such a wonderful dog.

Hi Minda,


Attached are a few recent photos of Marley (L’il Guy and Pepsi, March 2008) at five years old. She is still the best dog ever and everyone who meets her remarks on what a wonderful disposition she has and how smart she is. After five years, we’re still telling everyone about the wonderful breeder in Oregon who breeds happy, healthy dogs.



Hi Minda,

 I’m writing with a Ryder (lil Sydneys BMM1) update. He is a wonderful puppy. He is a smart, lovable and a happy puppy. He has retained all the great qualities of a full grown Australian Shepard but in a small package. Just what we wanted. He is about 12inches tall and weighs 12 lbs.  Cheryl                                                                                       

             Thank You for our family member


vinnie 1.jpg Hi Minda,
My name is Nicki and my daughter and I adopted a mini from you about 4 years ago. I cannot remember his parents names.  

I just wanted to let you know that this dog is the best thing that has happened to our family.  We named him Vincent. He is the son I never had, and we very much treat him like a child :)  Everyone loves him, even people who are not dog-lovers.  He gets attention everywhere we go :)

He is very smart...  loves to play Frisbee and ball (all day long), lots of energy, and gives lots of loves. He loves to camp, hike, go to the beach... anywhere really, as long as he has a ball. I am sending your info to another person who has been wanting a mini-aussie, he is in Everett, WA.

And just FYI, Vinnie has had no major medical issues, and seems to be a very healthy boy.   Attached are some pics of him.. when we got him, and some  current pictures of him.  Thank you so much! We love him so much.


photo (8).JPG

I thought you'd like to see how your puppy looks all grown up.  She is so beautiful and gets OOO's and AWW's everywhere we go.  We're still working on training.  Let's put it this way....she's a good guard dog :).  She's very sweet and likes to play.

I would say she is addicted to playing with the ball.  She would fetch all day and night.  When we take her to the park she takes the ball to all the kids to throw for her.  She likes to share.


I've given your information to a few people who might be interested in your pups. 

Thanks again.  We really love her being part of our family. 

Rita Janssen

Broken Arrow, Ok


PS  She travels in car and airplane really well.


Hi Minda,
Just wanted to say how much I love my new pups. They're adorable and so much fun to play with and watch play. They have 2 different personalities. I was wondering if you would please send me a picture of the 2 different mothers (Lil Skyler and Kelly) I have gone on your web site but can't get pictures on the "Girls " page--would love to know more about the moms. Thanks again for meeting me in Eugene and the delightful puppies.
Nancy Andrews


Just an update

ey there,
here is bella we just love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iris Petschenig 



I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that the puppy we bought from you 3 years ago has grown into the best dog ever! He has such personality and  is so lovable and friendly. He is much loved!! His name is Lincoln and he is beautiful!
Thank you for taking such great care to breed puppies with personality!
Beth Carson
  Cody after visit to vet for 12 week shots. Very good boy and very smart






Hi Ms. Hughes!

My name is JJ Blaisdell. I had purchased a mini australian pup from you back in October of 2010. I know his father was Sugardaddy and I believe his mother was a red merle (but can't remember her name). Anyways, I came across your website by chance again and just wanted to say a friendly hello and to show you what a beautiful boy my Harley has grown into! 

Harley is quite the festive dog and loves to go out for Halloween and Christmas tree shopping. He is the most affectionate animal I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and sharing my life with! He also has quite the sense of humor and thinks its funny to rip the stuffing out of his favorite plush toys (haha). We just recently moved to Southern California and Harley has found a new love for the beach and ocean hiking! I am so happy to have found him through you, Ms. Hughes, and couldn't ask for a better friend in the world. Thanks so much! Hope these pictures brighten your day :)


JJ and Harley :)


  Dear Minda,

I first wanted to tell you that Bobby is officially in the AKC top 5 minis in the country in agility and will be going to the AKC Invitationals in December! Although he is a little guy agility is his true love, along with Lindsay of course. What a true team they are. Everyone comments when they run the course.
... do want to thank you for Bobby. He's just the best little dog and the love of Lindsay's life :)

Tammy DeVito
Hi Minda this is Susan bush in Arizona.. Skyla is the most wonderful pup and companion ever! She is so smart and very easy to teach. everyone including her vet just adore her. she is potty trained and knows sit stay and will play ball as often as I want. what an awesome friend she is! she also comes running the minute I call her name although she never roams to far from my side. thank you for having here and sending her my way.


  Just wanted to let you know that we absolutely love Snoop(that's his name that our family gave him). Thanks so much for giving our family such a wonderful pet to bring more love and laughter to our lives. His best friend is a Bengal cat that Santa brought us named Jessie.  They play for hours and then clean each other and sleep together. LOL!

Dear Minda,
I know you haven't heard from me in a long time but I am always looking on your site!  My mini Aussie, Taz passed away at the age of 14, last July. Now Kiah is my only one and you know you can't have just one Aussie!! Especially your Toys  :) 
I am always wishfully checking out your site. In the mean time, Kiah and I are still making our Therapy visits and I've noticed that you still have her picture on your site. It really doesn't do her justice as one of your beautiful dogs so I'm sending some updated pictures in case you'd like to change the one you're using  :)   She is really a beautiful example of an Aussie, inside and out!
Thank lyou again for giving us our special friends,

Hi Minda! Just another quick message to let you know Bowie (Tazzy's BMM2) is doing well. He's been a complete joy and even had his first professional modeling gig for a clothing magazine today. I've attached a photo to show you just how handsome he is.

Thank you again for our sweet boy.

Destiny & Zach

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how please we are with the Mini Aussie we bought. He has been so wonderful and such a great disposition. He is very active, intelligent but mello and so very cuddly. I feel he is a much better quality then the mini Aussie that we got from xxx

Hi Minda,


Just wanted to let you know Major is doing great.  He’s become well adjusted to our routines and is very happy.  My son is already getting him interested in frisbee’s.  He just needs to learn that he can’t stand on it and pick it up at the same time.




  We just wanted to say thank you for the little guy! We decided to name him Charlie. ;) We are sooo thrilled! He whined about ten minutes then Cub, my husband, got in the backseat with him and he played and slept and was quiet all the way home! It was effortless! We couldn't be happier! Thank you again Minda!


Hey Minda,

Just wanted to say we have had ace for 3 months now and we absolutely love him :) He is very friendly and adorable. We couldnt of asked for a better dog. Thank you

Adrianne & Greg Andrews



Max is doing very well and fits in great with our family.  As you can see, our youngest David is quite attached.  He seems to feel good and is eating.  He’s a good sleeper and we are so happy to have him. 




  Hi Minda,

We just love our pup!  "Remy" has really warmed up to our family and farm life. He is a total love and somehow he came potty trained! He whimpers when he needs to go outside to potty, and he sleeps in a crate at night and has never messed it up. Amazing!

Anyhow, I know you have some expected litters coming up, and I am also interested in a toy/small mini Red Tri, either gender. If you come across one of those, will you notify me?

Many Thanks,


I purchased my Toy Aussie from you in 2007, she was born 4/16/07 parents Mr. Riggs and Fawn.

Just thought I would drop you a note and tell you she is doing wonderful.  She is still the center of attention in our home.  Loves to go with my anywhere I go and is always very polite.  She is well mannered and loves everyone! She weighs in at 10 lbs.  She keeps her figure nicely.  As you can see she has lots of hair.  Soaking wet there is not much to her.  She is a sweetheart!

Thanks Again!

Sage Moran


I thought you might enjoy seeing how Koda turned out......he is a handsome, smart and funny boy and is loved by our entire family.


He loves snuggling with our twin girls who are 7 and playing with our 15 year old son.  He also loves frustrating my husband......never intentional but always seems when he does something wrong it is my husband at the short end of the stick.....he ate his wallet and debit/credit cards, ingested some medicine and had to go to the vet and have his stomach pumped and of course Jon was home with him, the kids fed him cookies at Christmas and it didn't set well with Koda's digestion and of course Jon was home with him - stuff like that.


I love him to death.....he is smart and eager to please.  He loves people and always wants attention and to be included in everything we do.  He is also a good watch dog and barks to let us know when someone approaches the house but settles down when he knows we are ok with it.  He loves rides in the car and visiting.......camping and water are also favorites......he has so many toys our house is getting over-run but his favorite is his squeeky chicken - he can play with that for hours!


We are so happy with him and love him so much - I think we will always have an Aussie!


I attached some recent pictures......


Thank you!



Here is a collage of our three wonderful babies that we have bought from you over the years. Feel free to use this on your testimonial page.1st- Player in 2009, 2nd, Paris last Spring (2012), and 3rd, Prada last week (2013)! These three Toy Aussies are the love of our lives!! Thank you so very much for breeding such wonderful dogs. We are expecting our first litter from Player and Paris in March and are very excited about that. I refer people to you all the time and will no doubt be a repeat customer in years to come. P.S. a couple more shots of Prada from her big arrival last night.

Best Regards,
Rhonda Gailey
Peachstone's Toy Aussies


On September 26, 2010 I purchased a puppy from you. We picked Tucker up from BWI Marine airport and we have had a wonderful time with him. A local photographer in town produced a dog calendar as a fundraiser for our local humane society. She took photos of all 3 of our dogs but Tucker was a definite favorite. Attached is the photo of Tucker soon after you sent him to us. I wanted to let you know how much joy he has brought to our family and what a happy dog he is!
Thank you,
Debby Marinelli


  Dear Minda,
We purchased Bob & Ellie (Gigi's blue merle M & F last March).  Today is their first birthday.  Thanks for two really great dogs and lots of fun.  They are a handsome pair.  Ellie stays with my daughter and Bob stays with me, but I puppy sit Ellie every week day.  We refer you all the time.  
Blessings in the new year. 


Its been a week and she is doing real well. Everyone loves her....her name is Maiya. Thank you your puppies are great. Its a possible near future I'll be getting another one of your overlooked babies....

Happy customer


Hey! My name is Lyan Jones and I had adopted a toy Aussie from you about a year ago that was also known as coca cola m3 I believe. Anyways I just thought I'd let you know how happy he's made me and what an amazing addition he's been to this family! He's a big healthy and happy boy!!! :)
Sagi was playing with the mini-Aussie up the street and my neighbor took these.  Sagi had her make up done beautifully, don't you think?

She's just about 6 pounds


Dear Minda:

Just dropping you a note to thank you so much for such a wonderful, loving and intelligent pup. I named her Madison and she is full of pep and vinegar but also very loving;you were also right, she loves to cuddle.. She is already house broken and loves to play catch and all the other things puppies love to do. I will keep you updated  as she progresses and gets older. Again, thanks for giving me my best friend
 we picked him up earlier :-) he is so adorable - thanks so much minda looking over the shot record right now.. Everything is good right and he seems to be perfectly healthy although when we picked him up there was a little bit of blood in his stool I'm assuming its from the deworming medicine? 

Yes no more blood took him out this morning right after kennel and he seems very happy :-) runnin around and playing with his new toys :-) he is adorable thx again   Greg :-)

oct 12

I would like to say thanks for such a great puppy!! He is really taking a liking to his new house and is way cuter then I thought he would have been such a sweet little guy! He is going to have a great new home with lots and lots of love! Thanks agin josh :)


Thank you again for all your help and meeting me today. We adore him already and are so happy to have him as part of our family!! :-)
Ozzie (his new name :-)...is doing wonderfully and seems to be settling into our home wonderfully!  We love him and he's sooooo smart and super great with the boys. Love him already!
  Hi Minda,
We bought Sassy now named Baby from you Oct 31, 2011. She was one and a three quarter pounds at the age if 8 weeks. She is now a bit over 6 months and only weighs 4.4 pounds. Will she have another growth spurt. She is wonderfully healthy, playful, and the love of my life. I was just wondering how much she might weigh since you have much more knowledge of the breed than my vet does.

Thanks so much for such a beautiful puppy. So smart and easily trained and so stubborn and willful, I try to out stubborn her and lately I have been winning out much more than she has. Everyone who sees her at the park wants to take her home. I have given your web address to a lot of people here in Bellingham and I hope you at least get a few sales. I will continue to tell everyone how great your dogs are.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Kriss Kazemzadeh
hello (translated from french) shipped to france
I have received the puppy, he is gorgeous in a stunning health and remarkable intelligence
I am delighted and congratulate you on the quality of your puppies
He quickly becomes accustomed to life and fully understand French it goes well with my pus and my tired which is a male
with my thanks for his christie transport
cordially annie

heartman x lilylu

Hi.....Loola, her name and she already knows it, is doing just great! She stepped right out of her crate and
is totally at home. We just absolutely love her!! She is just a perfect fit for us and we have a cat who is almost
a year old and she loves her. My husband and I are already enjoying her so much and we have had her around
other people and children and she just loves everybody.
Thanks for such a sweet baby and I will let you know her progress.

heartman x skylers blue merle female

 I so lucked out getting this puppy, she is Perfect. Happy, healthy and gorgeous. Love her, love her ..send me business cards, will be giving your name to my friends.. they are going to want one..



prettyboy x bandita blue merle female

 why did the Westminster folks pick such a dumb looking dog when there's me

What a love! I feel like I have a fur ankle bracelet -

We had seven for dinner last night to welcome her - she is quite social! There's an "it's a girl" baloon on the front gate and toys are coming in!  . Anne

Hi Minda,
This is Bowie .... She is now 5 months old and she is 10 pounds. She is a great addition to our small family. She is super smart and she definitely has funny and great personality. She loves the dog park and knows how to fetch. Thank you very much for sending her to us. We love her very very much.
Patty and Matt V from sunny San Diego
Hiya Minda!

I just wanted to let you know that Pixel (formerly GiGis BTM1) is doing great! Our kids, other dog & Pixel are all getting along swimmingly! He is a whiz when it comes to house training (only 1 accident in over a week!) and he is a really well mannered little pup. He listens beautifully. We are all totally in love with him. I was just curious what his birthday was. I know I had it written down somewhere but I can't find it now.

Thanks so much,

We just wanted to send you an update as we get close to Mason's two year birthday. He is an outstanding dog and has become a dear friend and integral part of the family. He has a great personality and loves to howl to greet us when we come home from chores or dinner. When walking him people often comment on his colors and unique look. Anyway, thanks for Mason, we love him very much.

I attached a recent picture taken around the time of the super bowl. He enjoyed the game even though the Patriots lost.

Thanks again,
Henry & Eileen Wudarczyk

boomer x dusty blue merle male


Hi! I just wanted to let you know that Kody is doing wonderful...he has won everyones's heart!
We adore him, thank you!

Thanks again...he is very special!

previous email-

 I came upon your website when I was doing research on mini aussie rescue sites and of course I saw pictures of your puppies, clicked on it, and fell in love with one of your puppies photos...Dusty's BMM. He is adorable.

I really debated on this for the past week as I am the Executive Director of a full adoption animal shelter ....  I usually always "rescue" my dogs, but his little picture has really stuck with me. I currently have a mini and he is my best friend and one of the best dogs I have ever owned. He came into the shelter almost 5 years ago as his owner was dying of cancer and he felt it was time he found him a good home before he was no longer able. Scooter has been my devoted companion since.

Anyway, I finally had talked myself and my husband into calling you and meeting him. I can promise you that I love my dogs and they go to work with me everyday. They are always in the spotlight at schools for humane education, visiting the elderly in nursing homes, or just being loved and petted at all our events and by the volunteers. They are a part of our family. I would also be happy to provide references to you.

Thanks again for considering me just in case. Hope you have a great weekend.

Hi mindy, here is a picture of Bitsy at 5 months... she just went and got her last lepto shot and will be spayed at the end of this month. She weighs 5  1/2 pounds. She is the love of my life. Bless you for bringing her into it! Cath
Oh my gosh!!!! She's wonderful!!! She's better and more beautiful than we could have imagined! Thank you so much :).

Once again, we love her so much already. She's wonderful and will make a great addition to our family. We couldnt have asked for a better puppy!

Her new name is DENVER
We just got "Bindi". She is absolutely beautiful! Not shy at all with my other pups and loves the bunny. Thank you so much. I've attached a picture of her first minutes at home with Oscar, Louie, Gilbert, and Bill.



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