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Portland,  Mt Hood   OREGON


 Toy & Miniature Australian Shepherd Dogs

10" tinytoy      12-14" toy        14-17" mini   





updated  9/20/16 

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ALL dogs & Puppies are VET CHECKED

                 Dogs,  facilities and procedures inspected/reviewed by USDA Veterinarian. 

   Genetic TESTING  to improve the line and long term genetic health  

 Selection of Adults for Temperment, Health over Years

*includes 1 mth free  health insurance  in US*      2yr health guarantee* see contract

Breeding Toy & Mini aussies for 20 yrs     

Breeding Quality Family Companions, 

Champion, show,  breeding,  foundation lines

  Proven WORKING SERVICE dogs.

 Multiple lines for 2 blue eye tris -  BETs

                                       WE DO SHIP -

                                             within new USDA rules please contact us for information

                       WE ARE HONEST and RESPONSIBLE

most of my photos show chain link - "kennel" fencing in the background as we have "kennel" chain link fenced over 1 acre to keep OUT the coyotes, deer and rabbits that are dangerous to dogs and health of puppies.  My dog runs are 10ft by 20 ft with covered patio area and housing .. dogs are handled loved daily..  I am home and this is a 24/7 365 "job" to be done right.. dogs don't conform to a 8to5 work schedule.  

- if any breeder has more than 1 male and 2 females breeding and says they do NOT have Kennels and all dogs are in the house.. they are either not telling the truth or will find out that this is not safe or practical or healthy in the long run - after losing a girl or having a multidaddy  litter or bringing in parvo to the puppies from just going to the store ..  .males will get to the girls to breed.-  so how do you know who daddy is -  Female Dogs will attack each other when cycling and/or when have puppies..very rarely can have 2 girls with puppies in the same area-  .THIS IS NATURE..   "Kennels" can be anything from a crate in the house to separating in rooms of the house which is not enough exercize for this breed. .  I see a lot of other breeders websites claiming they "don't kennel" and are sooo special and charge double - when I know  its not true.. 




photos on this page are of adults or previous sold puppies - click on puppies pages for current puppies



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   WE breed for Toy Australian shepherds (9-14") (toy aussies) &  

Miniature Australian Shepherds (14"-18")( mini aussies) 

but get all sizes - micro , teacup, small toy, toy, mini & large mini







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